Sunday, June 29, 2014

January 17, 2014

Craig and I got married and blended our family in our house.  It was a small private event but my Ya Ya sisters and Yo's showed up in the Tye Dye Van all in Tye Dye...brought food and drinks so ended up being about 30 people as opposed to 15.  It was a lot of fun.  Craig has 2 kids both 22 and Ryan is now far none of them are married.  Jordan is the only one in a serious relationship at this time.

Day after wedding we packed for the Bahamas.  Went on a cruise...Craig's first time out of the country and first time on a cruise ship.  It was so much fun and so hard to come back to reality but since we're not independently wealthy we had no choice.

Craig and I will have been together 3 years on 9-11-14 and although we grew up different and have different political beliefs, we get along perfectly.  We've never fought yet and hope we can continue that.  I think we compliment each other.  I've opened his eyes to a different lifestyle and places he never thought he'd ever be able to see and he's opened my eyes up to being a biker chick.  I love riding on the is so freeing.

I recently had surgery and knew my summer of riding would be out, so I asked Craig to take me on a short ride 2 days before my surgery.  I loved having the wind in my face, it was evening time and we went out for about 30 minutes but it meant the world to me.  When you are facing major surgery you just never know what might happen...but all is well and hope to be able to go back to work on 7/14/14.

Thanks for checking in...I've been horrible at blogging since Facebook :(

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