Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bret Michaels 8-30-13

So freaking awesome.  Craig and I got to go on Bret Michaels bus after the concert in Salina on Friday night.  He is such a nice my hug, got pics and he laughed when I told him it was his fault I started dating Craig and then Craig told him Yep...everywhere we go people think I'm you...Bret ROCK man.  It is so true...we have so many people stare and go OMG that looks like Bret Michaels...even that night at the of the staff said Bret Michaels...what are you doing out here...RoFLmao. was a great night, looked forward to it for a long time, needed it after the month of August with my brother Roger passing away.  Thanks for stopping in :)

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